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Cleaning of

Learn more about how to repair a damaged and broken particulate filter on your vehicle.
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Cleaning of
​​catalytic converters

Hear more about cleaning the catalytic converter and why this is important for your car / van.
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Cleaning of DPFs and catalytic converters

MT Filter Service was founded in 2003 by Flemming Nøhr and, as one of the oldest companies in the business; we have gained a high degree of expert knowledge in cleaning and repairing DPFs and catalytic converters.

In 2003 when the company was founded, the main focus was within the range of trucks and busses, but as the amount of passenger cars and delivery trucks, equipped with DPFs is grooving, the need of professional cleaning of this type of filters is a fast growing area.

​As a consequence of this, MT Filter Service is now expanding the activities into also covering a wide range of new DPFs and converters in OE quality for customers who have the need for a replacement part for their passenger car or delivery van.

Repair &

MT Filter Service has for many years developed methods and special tools adapted to the repair of diesel particulate filters and catalysts, where in many cases we can repair both damaged filter cores and catalysts and also the "canning" in which the filter core is located.

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