MT Filter Service has, over the years, developed methods for repairing and renovating DPFs and catalytic converters. In many cases, we are able to repair both damages to the monolith and also to the canning of the filter. This can be relevant in cases, where one or more of the cells in the monolith are damaged, or if the exhaust system has been exposed to external damage.

​Should the monolith be completely destroyed, MT Filter Service has developed a method to take out the monolith and replace it with a brand new, often at a price less than 50% the price of a new system.

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​As a new activity, MT Filter Service now has a complete range of DPFs and catalytic converters in OE quality for passenger cars and delivery vans, to be delivered imidiatly, or if not in stock - from day to day.

Replacement of filter core

Examples of repair and manufacturing tasks.

The burned catalyst gets a new element, and a customer inquires about a hexagonal filter that is custom made.

Repairment of filter core

Actually, it is very simple. A particulate filter is usually constructed of a ceramic material and formed with a large number of channels which are closed at one end.

Since the adjacent ducts are closed at opposite ends, the exhaust gas is forced to pass through the duct wall, where the particles are filtered off.

If there are only a single or very few holes in the core so that the exhaust can pass unfiltered through these cells, the filter can be repaired, and can thus be made to function almost like new.

If, on the other hand, the filter has several damages, or if the core has stopped and cannot be cleaned, for example due to too long intervals without cleaning, it is still possible to remove the filter itself - ie. the ceramic monolith, can be replaced, which is significantly cheaper than replacing the entire filter system.

MT Filterservice are specialists in all types of cleaning, repair and renovation of particle filters.

Repair of physical damage

In the event of shocks, blows or collisions, it is often much cheaper to repair both the canning and the filter core