Should the DPF or the catalytic converter be polluted, by for instance a defective turbo charger, in most cases the monolith can be restored by a cleaning process, consisting of a chemical cleaning followed by a thermal one.

​The thermal cleaning is carried out in special ovens, of which MT Filter Service, has twelve in service.

​These ovens operate individually according to the demands of the specific filter or converter to be cleaned, allowing the heating and cooling to be performed in a way, which will not cause damage to the DPF or converter.

​Controlling the heating – and cooling time is crucial to the result, and by MT Filter Service, we have 10 years of experience in cleaning DPFs and catalytic converters.

​With the installation of our new Flash Cleaner, MT Filter Service is able to clean DPFs for light vehicles in a much faster way than cutting the filters open, and welding the canning after the cleaning process has taken place.

​MT Filter Service is the sole representative of Flash Cleaner in Scandinavia.